welcome to my humble fansite dedicated to my one true love, transformers. this site is designed for desktop (specifically firefox and a 1600 x 900 display) and hopefully looks okay on mobile too
some pages of this site are home to many images and videos, so there may be significant loading time.

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9/18/23: added idw scavenger hunt promos
6/19/23: added botbots tudum articles
6/18/23: finished layout change and added to links page
6/16/23: changed site layout (or started to) and added my fanworks
5/30/23: added book reviews
3/12/23: added to earthspark production index and scavengers orginals
11/25/22: new page: beast machines concept & production art
11/14/22: new pages: Earthspark index
8/28/22: added beast machines favorite character sorter
8/27/22: added to bm ephemera
7/13/22: added idw comics index, beast machines index, mtmte/ll solicitations and beast machines tech spec relationships
6/28/22: added to scavengers originals
6/5/22: added a Robots in Disguise 2001 broadcast VHS rip to vhs rips
4/9/22: added botbots cartoon production art
3/27/22: added 50 geocities links to links (and still digging for more)
3/25/22: happy botbots premiere day! check out the new botbots pages
3/20/22: added animazine #1 to scans
3/19/22: added bm publicity stills and faq
2/25/22: added to scavengers page
2/21/22: changed site skin
2/12/22: added fanart resources and other minor additions
1/26/22: added to beast machines page
11/20/21: added to scavengers and skybyte pages
6/27/21: added beast wars neo vhs rip
3/27/21: finished the vhs rip page (for now...?)
1/16/21: added vhs rips
and other small changes
11/5/20: added scavengers originals
10/09/20: changed layout and added a video to bm promos archive
8/29/20: added bm promos archive and list of tf shows on