about the site & webmaster

i made this site so i could have something to play around with rudimentary html on and because i kept amassing small collections of official and/or old transformers things and had nowhere to share them. typically i use my tumblr and deviantart to for my more observational and transformative content

i've liked transformers since 2006, when the hype for the first bay movie caught my attention. it's hard to narrow down what my true introduction to transformers was: i watched cybertron on saturday mornings as a kid but wasn't super into it, i watched a fair share of g1 in parts on youtube and the 2007 movie but i'm not sure which one i did first. nowadays my favorite installments are easily mtmte and beast machines.

it's super hard to narrow down favorite characters because transformers has so many excellent characters, and the plethora of continuities complicates the question further, but if you REALLY pressed me i think i'd have to say...

NIGHTBEAT!! in most continuities. his obsession with mystery is a great plot/writing device that can suit any tone imo. his groupies SIREN and HOSEHEAD also live rent free in my brain for reasons beyond me

mtmte SWERVE. what can i say? he was the narrator for mtmte #13, which was my first issue, and it's been downhill ever since...

mtmte MISFIRE. and KROK. and the rest of the scavengers... it's hard to pick just one when they are so defined by being a group and their internal dynamics are one of the most interesting things about them. i really appreciate when fiction bothers to remember that decepticons are people too and they are a great example of that.

basically everyone from beast machines (so PRIMAL, CHEETOR, BLACKARACHNIA, RATTRAP, NIGHTSCREAM, THRUST, JETTSTORM, TANKOR, SILVERBOLT, WASPINATOR, and BOTANICA, and well i wouldn't say i hold affection for MEGATRON, he is my favorite tf villain and a great character). noble, strika and obsidian are great too, but not favorites. (no comment on rhinox, lol) like the scavengers, it's difficult to think of them as individuals in a vaccuum, too. beast machines is a very character driven shown and the characters are more often than not driven by their relationships and its all just very fun and compelling to me