VHS Rips

Car Robots fansubs

these were done by a fansubbing group from new york called ctenosaur video. i have the first 3 volumes which have the first 12 episodes.

Beast Wars broadcasts

this tape looks just like the beast machines ones (below) and contains several season 3 episodes as they were broadcast as reruns on fox kids with some ads intact: episode 5 (feral scream part i), 6, (feral scream part ii), 7 (proving grounds), 8 (go with the flow), 9 (crossing the rubicon), 10 (master blaster) and 11 (other victories).

Beast Machines broadcasts

these are recordings of 24 of the 26 beast machines as it was broadcasted in 1999 and 2000 on fox kids (the first two episodes were included on an officially released tape, which is nothing special). commercial breaks are partially intact, including a few ads for beast wars reruns on weekdays. these also include teasers for the next episode which i haven't seen anywhere else (below).

and here is a cut of just the tf-related bumpers (also on my beast machines page):

Digital Video Rarities presents: Transformers: Hero

"TRANSFORMERS: HERO is better explained as a "history lesson" of every important event in the Transformers series from its beginning in 1984 to the end of the HEADMASTERS series in 1988. It offers various trailers of TRANSFORMERS: the MOVIE, a teaser of MATRIX forever, highlights, stills, and a multitude of commercials of the Japan released Tranformers toys. To top it off, HERO also introduces us to the next Transformers series: CHOJIN MASTERFORCE (Super God Masterforce). TRANSFORMERS: HERO is in a mix of both Japanese & English dialogue." (the TFTM trailer with "unseen footage" it mentions was later released on the TFTM bluray lol)