Sky Byte's collected poetry

This is amazing! I'm very popular. I should get an agent, or a manager. Maybe I could get my haikus published!

Robots in Disguise (2001)

The cobalt ocean roils
Zephyrs blow cold
And another hapless foe is crushed beneath my heel
(s1e5: The Hunt for Black Pyramid)

Blasted into dust
Optimus Prime is destroyed
Day of reckoning
(s1e16: Volcano)

Sky-Byte's delightful flames
rose on butterfly wings
Black orange burning
(s1e18: The Test)

My enemies have found me
They surround me and confound me
And with inbound missiles hound me
As they hit the ground around me
But with one astounding bound
I shall escape
(s1e18: The Test)

Mission accomplished
His master's praise resounding
Well done, worthy shark
(s1e24: Ultra Magnus)

Who's the baddest shark around?
Who's the smartest shark in town?
Sky-Byte, that's me!
Who'll drive Scourge into the ground?
And never let old Megatron down?
Sky-Byte, that's me!
(s1e30: Koji Gets His Wish)

Who gets too hungry for seafood at eight?
Who swims the ocean, and always looks great?
Cha-cha, cha-cha cha
Who always bothers with robots he hates?
Sky-Byte, yes Sky-Byte, that's me!
(s1e30: Koji Gets His Wish)

More focused on work
Less time spent on insulting
Sky-Byte won the day.
(20th Anniversary Transformers Summer Special: Ultra the Rescue?)


Victory is mine
The PREDACON® shark has won
You AUTOBOT scum!
(Generations packaging)

Flash of metal fins
Sharkticons tear foes to shreds
Die quick, Autobots
(Botcon 2010 packaging)

Wings universe

Forestonite gas
Source of ultimate power
Autobot, you're doomed.
(Transformers Timeline #5: Generation 2: Redux)

Fire and debris falls
Ambition has been thwarted
We'll take our cut now
(Transformers Timeline #5: Generation 2: Redux)

Transformers Animated

Writ by the victors
History is forwards lived
But backwards inscribed
(The Allspark Almanac)

Weapons may opponents overcome, but fight with words and 'lo the war is won!
(The Allspark Almanac)

IDW comics

Barren wasteland
Consumes so many, desire
Leaves me alone.
(Robots in Disguise #5: A Better Tomorrow)

Life's journey seeks to find us
A new world we have found
Will always remind us
War and killing behind us
Enemy eyes all 'round
Will always remind us
(Robots in Disguise #7: Interference Patterns)

We cast away all sense of the fear;
The die is struck, so best of luck—
—perhaps our lives will end here.
(Transformers #53: All Hail Optimus Part 4: It's Beginning To And Back Again)

Stars without lies,
A hero who dies.
Living in dreams is not as it seems.

Hope for a new tomorrow
Human explosions bursting
A new war again
(Optimus Prime #12: Primeless, Part 2)

A silence descends
Unsettling as a scream
We are alone now
(Unicron #4: Road's End)

All lives end one day
But precious few ends know of
What it means to—URK!
(Unicron #4: Road's End)

Ask Vector Prime

Q: Do you mind sharing with us some of your poetry?
Shining towers soar
all alone yet teeming still
Axiom Nexus

Q: Hey, Sky-Byte, stop waffling and give us what we want. Haikus!
The hour is nigh
Gauntlet hurtled at my feet
Time to fight and win!

Q: Do you like cosplaying?
Bright red racing car
I shall show them all my speed
Megatron? Watch out!

Q: What was your life like before the Cybertronian civil war?
Unfulfilled yearning
Water trapped behind a dam
Enter Megatron!

Q: Have you ever watched Finding Nemo or Jaws? If so, what did you think of them?
Tension building up,
Is that a fin over there?
Need a bigger boat!
Finding Nemo.
Don't you take his son!
I'm sure he'll get Nemo back.
I'm not crying, no.

Q: How can you justify being free and clear after all the harm you caused? I mean, ESPECIALLY helping turn those innocent Autobot protoforms into the Decepticons!
Costly freedom earned
Second chances are most rare
I shall do my best

Q: Besides poetry do you have any other hobbies or passions?
My gentle facade
Hides a strong warrior's spark

Q: What's your opinion on the poets of the 60s?
Caesar vs Pompey
In Lucan's Pharsalia
A shark tear is shed

Q: Have you ever encountered a Klud?
Noble sea beast swims
Magestic in his freedom
The pride of Pequod

Q: What is your favorite drink in which to partake?
Dingy bar can't hide
New friends' luminosity
Old Corroder, please

Q: Who are the Predacon Council?
Hidden agendas
Mysterious rulers three
Megatron, their peer?

Q: Are there any other Predacons from your universe you want to tell us about? I doubt that the entirety of the Predacons consisted of you, the trio, and Megatron.
My people battle
Seeking their birthright through strife
Planet Cybertron

Q: Have you ever thought of using limericks
There once was a shark, name of Sky-Byte,
A poet a scholar and white knight
The knave, name of Scourge
And his goons who could merge
Could never best him in a fair fight

Q: Limericks are lame. Stick to Haikus from now on please.
I ply the sea, a solo Predacon
I hunt I search I strike the naer-do-wells,
My path is true, I seek from dusk till dawn
No prize need I, no horns no praise no bells
And yet the road I take leaves me alone
Mem'ries unfold of comrades lost to time
Skunk frog and squirr'l, and leader overthrown
Is their fate just, do their lots fit their crime
And what of me, a shark with a reprieve
Do them I owe a duty unfulfilled?
Or should I be content to simply grieve?
I cannot see the future I should build
The sun rises and blinds me for a flash
And insight comes, and to my task I dash


Explosions dancing
Landscapes melt in my fury
Jetfire I destroy
(s2e11: Infinite Vendetta)

When cruel pain falls
A serenade of fury
Skybyte, ascendant
(s3e2: Battle for Cybertron Part II)

We Decepticons
With Autobots as allies
Blooming peace of spring
(s4e2: The Perfect Decepticon)

And so we unite
My ascendant poetry
A beacon of...(fades out)
(s4e2: The Perfect Decepticon)