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you can find my transformers fanart on my tumblr tag and deviantart gallery. i would like to host it myself eventually but images take up a lot of space so options are limited. you can find my fanfic onsite or on ao3:

IDW continuty fics


Swerve is handling his shift at the bar just fine, Misfire isn't doing so hot in the Scavengers' game of hide and seek.

899 words

characters: misfire/swerve, cyclonus

established relationship, post-canon, vignette

Brilliant Blue

The only way out is through! Siren finds his position as the Lost Light's fire chief exceptionally disappointing, but as he gets (intensely) acquainted with mysterious newcomer Nightbeat he starts to feel it was worth signing up after all. He knows the things he's sworn not to disclose, but could Nightbeat be hiding something, too?

61,451 words

characters: nightbeat/siren, nautica, hosehead, lost light crew

major character death, developing relationship, strangers to lovers, alternate universe - canon divergence, canon-typical violence, canonical character death, temporary character death, hurt/comfort, slice of life

Ship in a Bottle

In space, no one can hear you scream! Partners Nightbeat and Siren of the spaceship Exitus embark on a mission with cadet and relative Nightscream, but things go awry, leaving them an alien space station's sole survivors. As if that wasn't bad enough, they begin to suspect they aren't alone after all. Can they make it out not just on speaking terms, but in one piece?


characters: nightbeat/siren, nightscream, undisclosed character

graphic depictions of violence, alternate universe - canon divergence, post-canon, canon-typical violence, established relationship, hurt/comfort, space stations, sibling bonding, developing friendships, geographical isolation

(this fic is a sequel to my previous fic, brilliant blue, but i think this one should be reasonably self-contained. enjoy ~)