Earthspark character bios


Robbie Malto

Robby Malto is a 13-year-old boy who begins our story in a grouchy headspace, frustrated by his family’s recent move from his hometown of Philadelphia to the remote, sleepy town of Witwicky. While he’s proud of his African-American/Filipino-American heritage, he’s not thrilled with his parents. When he and his younger sister, Mo, witness the birth of new Terran Transformers and decide to bring them home, the excitement snaps Robby out of his funk. It’s one thing to read about Transformers bots in his Dad’s history books, but it's another to meet one in real life! Robby’s a smart kid with an abundance of moxie, so he tends to rush into things, and his charisma inspires others to follow (with mixed results). Robby’s intentions are always good, even when nudging others beyond their comfort zone.

Morgan "Mo" Malto

Mo (Morgan) Malto is Robby’s 9-year-old younger sister. Though she’s emotionally mature for her age, she’s able to look at everything with a wide-eyed sense of optimism and hope. Mo’s infinite well of positivity is a gift and a curse because she always wants everyone to get along. She feels responsible for managing the family’s happy coexistence. Mo takes great pride in her self-appointed role as ice-breaker/friendship-enforcer/harmonizer. She may be smaller than her new robot siblings, but Mo feels like their big sister. For her, family comes first no matter who you are or where you’re from.


Twitch is a Terran, one of the first earthborn Transformers bots, and a driven competitor. Like her brother, Thrash, she was born out of cave water. She’s a keen observer of everything around her. While she’s bonded to both Mo and Robby, she and Robby are two peas in a pod. Her high-octane brain is always working as she analyzes situations and sorts out plans of action, positioning her to become a leader within her sibling group. When her drive for victory combines with her palpable confidence, Twitch’s attitude can be misinterpreted as arrogant or pushy. She always means well, though. It’s not her fault she’s a high achiever who wants to be the best!

Twitch’s alt-mode is a flying drone.


Thrash is Terran, one of the first earthborn Transformers bots, and a cheeky wild child. Like his sister, Twitch, he was born out of cave water in the caves of Witwicky. He’s a bringer of fun and good times with a happy-go-lucky attitude. While he’s bonded to both Mo and Robby, he and Mo are partners-in-crime. He doesn’t mind a little mud on his wheels because he couldn’t care less about what others think of him. Pure impulse, he’s a good-hearted rebel and questions all the rules restricting his everyday life. You can rely on Thrash to be the first one in battle and the first one to make a joke. Thrash isn’t rude, he’s just testing every limit.

Thrash’s alt-mode is a motorcycle with a side car.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is a legend among the Autobots and Decepticons. The charismatic leader of the Autobots, complete with the ability to speak magnitudes with a raised brow. Optimus Prime is a courageous Autobot leader who has forged a new alliance with humans. The birth of the Terrans has given him renewed hope for the future. He’s partnered up with the underground organization, G.H.O.S.T., to help round up dangerous Decepticons and make Earth a safer place for all. Optimus Prime has put 100% of his trust in the organization but does that trust go both ways?

Optimus Prime’s alt-mode is a semi truck.


Bumblebee is a fun-loving veteran Autobot. He might be the youngest among the legacy bots, but he knows how to scout and fight along with the best! Since the Transformers War ended, Bumblebee has been operating in secret. He is brought out of hiding and excited for his new mission – to train the young Terrans who desperately need Cybertronian guidance. His new role challenges him in ways no battle or mission ever has. Bumblebee’s alt-mode is a yellow supercar with black racing stripes.

Elita 1

Elita-1 makes being tough look easy. She’s the physically gifted, confident, second-in-command of the Autobots. Elita-1 is fair and never overbearing to the team. She listens to everyone and is a bot the Terrans look up to. She excels at coming up with clever plans to catch ‘Cons, but Elita-1 doesn’t mind if things go sideways. Plus, she gets to improvise. She’s a hard bot to keep up with in the field!

Elita-1’s alt-mode is a 4-wheel drive all-terrain SUV.


Megatron believes in making any sacrifice necessary for the survival of Cybertronian civilization. He’s a headstrong idealist, but isn’t unwilling to adjust his strategy when victory hangs in the balance. As one of the most well-known Decepticon figureheads, Megatron is an innate leader who commands any room he is in. His sharp wit, intelligence and clever nature aid him in his goals.

Alex Malto

Alex Malto is the father to Robby and Mo, surrogate father to the Terrans and husband to Dot Malto. He’s a college professor with a PhD in Cybertronian History and is extremely passionate about everything he does. He’s a well of information which makes him a great resource for the kids and Terrans. He can also rattle off dad jokes like a pro. Alex is a huge fan of Transformers, so when he meets them, he can be a tad overenthusiastic. Alex loves to share his rich Filipino culture with the kids, especially through cuisine and martial arts.

Dorothy "Dot" Malto

Dot (Dorothy) Malto is the mother to Robby and Mo, surrogate mother to the Terrans and wife to Alex Malto. She’s also Witwicky’s newest park ranger…or so she thought. She’s a loving mother and ex-soldier, so she can flip that switch when necessary. She’s very humble about her heroic background and never acts like she’s above anyone. Unconditional love is Dot’s superpower, and it extends to just about everyone in her life, including all the animals and bots under her protection. Optimus Prime is the only person who experiences the cooler side of Dot’s warm personality.


Mandroid (fka Dr. Meridian) was a scientist-soldier in the war, but the fighting left him injured, jaded, and ultimately, very anti-Cybertronian. With this new ideology, he believes Earth and its humans deserve a protector (himself) and surmises the annihilation of all Cybertronians is the best for the planet. However, in order to eliminate all Cybertronian life, he believes he needs to become more like them; a decision which takes a great physical and mental toll. Mandroid’s a twisted villain, though he does have a sense of humor.